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JOCK Grandeur Junior Dog Food

JOCK Grandeur Junior Dog Food is a scientifically formulated diet that caters to the nutritional requirements of large and giant breed dogs from the age of 8 months to 24 months.

JOCK Grandeur Junior Dog Food has been specially developed to meet the needs of large and giant breed puppies during the second phase of their development, in which muscle development occurs. JOCK Grandeur Junior, therefore, includes l-carnatine and an adapted feeding guideline to help maintain a lean body mass. Digestive health is of utmost importance in growing dogs. Grandeur Junior includes a blend of prebiotic fibers and encapsulated fatty acids to ensure a healthy intestinal environment.

Available in 18 kg bags

Typical Analysis

Ca: P ratio1-1.5:1
Omega 6:3 ratio4-7:1
Chondroitin & Glucosamine (mg/kg)500
Vitamin C (mg/kg)70
Vitamin E (mg/kg)500
Chelated Selenium (mg/kg)0.15
Chelated Zinc (mg/kg)150

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Jock Grandeur
JOCK Grandeur Junior Dog Food
Highly Digestible

Formulated with highly digestible nutrients to ensure a high level of absorption. Includes a combination of prebiotics* and fermentable fibers to promote a healthy intestinal environment. * Fructo-oligosaccharide, Mannan-oligosaccharide

Healthy Skin & Coat

Contains a combination of essential fatty acids and minerals, fortified with EPA and DHA to help support healthy skin and coat.

Healthy Joints

Enriched with chondroitin, glucosamine, and EPA to help support growing joints.

Highly Palatable

Made with flavoursome ingredients and natural aromas your dog will find irresistible.

Odour Control

Contains a blend of encapsulated
fatty acids were scientifically shown to help reduce faecal odour.

Healthy Development

A combination of L-carnitine, DHA, and balanced Calcium and Phosphorus levels help promote healthy growth and development.


Poultry, Maize, Rice, Maize Flour, Animal Fat, Maize Gluten, Hydrolysed Animal Protein, Beet Pulp, Egg Powder, Soy Protein Isolate, Vitamins and Minerals, Fish Oil (Source of EPA & DHA), Fructo-oligosaccharide, Mannan-oligosaccharide, Encapsulated Fatty Acids, and Approved Antioxidants. (May contain at least 5% GMO)

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JOCK Grandeur Junior Dog Food

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Jock Dog Food

Jock Dog Food. JOCK Dog Food continually strives to advance your dogs’ health and wellbeing and enrich their lives and lifestyles as they have enriched ours. For this reason, since our inception, we have worked tirelessly in the research and development of superior nutritional products and to grow our understanding of their unique needs to provide information and advice for all dog lovers.

A full line of natural dog foods is manufactured and each product is prepared using wholesome ingredients that your dog will simply lap up. With a variety of formulations and flavours, our product range offers ideal nutrition for every stage in your dog’s life. Only natural ingredients are used in combination with essential vitamins and minerals and are guaranteed to satisfy your cherished canine’s hunger while promoting a healthy digestive system.

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