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Montego Monty And Me Essential Adult Dog Food


Montego Monty And Me Essential Adult Dog Food is delicious, well-balanced food that’s got everything your best bud needs to stay healthy and happy!

Complete, balanced, and nutritious food for puppies, adult dogs, and cats. Montego Monty And Me adult dog food is a high-quality, affordable range of lip-smacking original recipes, with essential nutrients and optimum protein and fat levels to keep your little one healthy and happy. Monty & Me provides an alternative to grocery store brands, saving you money without skimping on quality.


Montego Monty And Me essential adult dog food is formulated to the same high standards as all Montego Pet Nutrition products while keeping the costs down where we can. The result is a nutritionally balanced, satisfying, and digestible pet food that’s also easy on the wallet.


Montego Monty And Me essential adult dog food provides satisfying, delicious, and crunchy kibble, with the appropriate levels of protein, antioxidants, natural prebiotic fibres, and Omega 6 – everything your little buddy needs for a robust immune system, regular digestion, a shiny coat, and a winning smile.

Monty & Me Essential Adult available in 2kg, 8kg, 20kg and 40kg bags

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Montego Monty And Me Puppy Food

Montego Monty And Me Essential Adult Dog Food

Complete, Balanced, and Affordable Adult Dog Food.

Quality protein and fat levels make Monty & Me taste great and help keep your pal strong, healthy, and in tip-top condition.


Whole grains are not only satisfying; they provide all-day energy while keeping your doggy’s digestive system happy and healthy too.


An ideal blend of essential nutrients, vitamins, and mineral levels provides your little buddy with all the energy needed for play and maintained health.


They’ll always look ready for show-day thanks to added essential fatty acids, which ensure healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat.

INGREDIENTS: Corn*, wheat bran, pork meal, poultry meal, animal fat, salt, vegetable oils, minerals, and vitamins. *May contain GMO’s.

ADDITIVES (/KG): Nutritional: Vitamin A 8 300 IU, Vitamin D3 700 IU, Vitamin E 40 IU, potassium chloride 2 g, zinc sulphate 80 mg, iron sulphate 25 mg, copper sulphate 5 mg, manganese sulphate 5 mg and potassium iodide 1.5 mg;
Preservatives: Approved antioxidants.

Crude protein18%
Total fat5%
Crude fibre5%
Crude ash8%
Linoleic acid1.25%
Metabolizable energy325 kcal/100g


Montego Monty And Me Essential Adult Dog Food optimal feeding amounts vary with age, size, activity levels, breed, and environment. The feeding guide below is a recommendation only, please adjust as needed.

Weight of DogHigh Activity
3 hours or more daily exercise
Moderate Activity
1 to 3 hours daily exercise
Low Activity
1 hour or less daily exercise
1 – 5 kg40 – 130 g35– 115 g30 – 100 g
5 – 10 kg130 – 220 g115 – 190 g100 – 165 g
10 – 20 kg220 – 365 g190 – 325 g165 – 275 g
20 – 30 kg365 – 500 g325 – 435 g275 – 375 g
30 – 40 kg500 – 615 g435 – 540 g375 – 465 g
40 – 50 kg615 – 725 g540 – 640 g465 – 550 g
50 – 60 kg725 – 935 g640 – 820 g550 – 710 g
60 – 70 kg935 – 985 g820 – 865 g710 – 745 g
70 – 80 kg985 – 1 035 g865 – 910 g745 – 785 g
80 kg +1 035 g+910 g+785 g+


These amounts reflect the total daily requirements. Divide by the number of times you feed your dog per day to calculate individual meal portions.

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Montego Monty And Me Essential Adult Dog Food



Montego Dog Food

Montego Dog Food. Montego Pet Nutrition was founded in early 2000 in Graaff-Reinet, South Africa, the heart of the Karoo. Built upon a strong foundation of entrepreneurial spirit, family values, quality, and innovation, we’ve never stopped improving on our approach. We have consistently fine-tuned and improved our formulations as well as upgraded our factory continuously, to keep up with our passion for pet nutrition and our vision for the Montego Pet Nutrition brand.Over the years, our flagship product, Montego Classic Adult, has earned its place in South African homes for its high nutritional content, exceptional quality, great flavour, and unparalleled value. Today, the Montego product family truly has something for every type of pet owner.There are currently no less than 5 ranges for dogs (Monty & Me, Wuma!, Classic, Karoo and Field + Forest™); two ranges for cats (Monty & Me and Classic) as well as a range of treats (Bags O’ Wags) and toppers (Sauce for Dogs).High digestibility is one of the benchmarks of high-quality pet food. It tells us that its preparation is authentic and that there are no ingredients that are unnecessary or out of place. It means that more vital nutrients are absorbed from smaller quantities of food and that your pet's appetites are satisfied by less. It also means that less waste will end up on your lawn. To produce highly digestible nutrition, you can’t cut corners, and we never do.
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2 kg, 20 kg, 40 kg, 8 kg


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