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Pro-Soothe Shampoo

Pro-Soothe Shampoo is a rich, non-irritating shampoo for dogs, cats & horses with problem skin. It contains soothing ingredients together with moisturizers and conditioning agents that will aid in providing relief from pruritis (itchy skin) and dry skin.

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Pro-Soothe Shampoo contains witch hazel I 0%, glycerin 5%, colloidal oatmeal (Avena sativa) 2%, ichthammol 0.6%, and triclosan 0.2% in a non-irritating, pH-neutral shampoo. Witch hazel has astringent and soothing properties and will calm irritated skin. Glycerin is a moisturizer and draws moisture from the environment onto the skin, thereby hydrating the epidermal layer. Colloidal oatmeal coats the skin and moisturizes, softens, and helps soothe its itchy, dry condition. Ichthammol has natural anti-inflammatory properties and aids in reducing red and itchy skin. Tric/osan aids in enhancing the mildness of surfactants on the skin. Pro-Soothe Shampoo is formulated to protect the natural acid-mantle of the skin, which protects it from bacterial and fungal infection.

Pro-Soothe Shampoo should be used in cases where pets scratch themselves excessively and suffer from dry, itchy, irritated skin.

Directions for use
Shake well before use. Wet the coat thoroughly with warm water. Apply sufficient shampoo to work up a mild lather. Work the shampoo into the coat and leave it on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Repeat as often as required.


Store in a cool place (below 25 °C )



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